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  • Meeting, Greeting & Seating Guests
  • Conducting ceremonies and conferences
  • Presentations of new products, opening of branches
  • Drawing attention to your booth
  • Robot Show at birthday
  • Wedding witness
  • Interactive area in shopping centers
  • Creating unique content
  • Shooting robots in movie and commercial
  • Off-site team building event "Robo-laboratory"
  • Cooking shows and tastings with robots
  • Surprises for employees and bosses

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We have held over the 100 robotics events and know exactly which robots evoke real emotions
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Mobile network operator
Company/event: mobile network operator.

Task: To show the hi-tech flexibility of the company offers.

Solution: In December 2019 the company issued an advertising clip of the new tariff rate with digital intelligence which included drones and several robots including Promobot 4.

Results: The operator had turned many of subscribers to the service with digital intelligence and had attracted new customers which were interested by this offer.
Company/event: Wedding.

Task: To distinguish among same-type scenario of ceremonies.

Solution: The robot Pepper performed a role of witness and brought out the rings to the newly married couple together with Promobot 2 which played a role of the witness from the bride side.

Results: The unusual guests were irreplaceable part of the ceremony and brought the cake to the other guests in the evening.
Fast food
Company/event: Fast food restaurants chain "Teremok".

Task: To hold promotion campaign to attract new customers.

Solution: In September 2018 the restaurants chain hired robot-cashier KIKI who were able to provide information about the menu, accept orders and payments by bank card.

Result: The event had attracted new customers and mass media attention.
Company/event: Europa Plus TV. Hit Non Stop.

Task: To surprise the audience and show the modernity of the event.

Solution: The robot KIKI acted as the robot-presenter on the concert. KIKI announced the entre of the stars to the scene, kept conversations with over presenters and audience.

Results: The company-developer noted the positive reaction of the audience to the participation of the robot in the concert as the presenter.
Work instruments distributing
Company/event: Work instruments distributing chain "220 V".

Task: To break the linguistic divide between the shop and visitor who came to work to Russia from CIS countries.

Solution: The chain had hired the robot-assistant Pepper who is able to memorize the customers and talk to them in their native language.

Results: The miscommunication between store staff and visitors had disappeared because the robot was able to lead the customer to necessary purchase without other people help

Choose your robot

Canbot UU-U05
Can effectively move for 360p in all sides, move hands and head, has 6 kinds of emotions. All these movements ensure ideal interaction with people. Will twist you in fascinating dance on your wedding, party, and events.
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The most advanced and realistic robot in the world. It can talk to the client, move head, is able to detect the gender and age of the companion, have great voice to sign and perfect dance moves. So that it ideally fits to the client service zones, hospitals, fairs, events, and airports. Additional multimedia tablet greatly broads its functions.
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A robot woman will interview you, meet guests at the entrance and provide them with all the information they need. Attractively advertises goods and services in shopping centers, exhibitions, banks and restaurants. Can display photos and videos on your screen. The robot will come to your customers and start a dialogue.
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padbot p3
Padbot can not only detect speech but also hold video calls using built-in sensor. Compact and functional robot. Responsible, able not only to communicate, but also to dance.
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promobot 4
Autonomous and emotional robot will advertise your company, present the goods and services, inform people about discounts, and answer their questions. It attracts attention, can talk funny things and advertising taglines. INCREASES SALES and give emotions to people. Can memorize people faces. Promobot helps to cut the number of staff, LOWER QUEUE, accept payment, and provide check.
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Robo-C is a humanoid robot that can communicate with people, express emotions, and connect to any services and apps. It reproduces more than 600 variants of human micro mimics: the robot can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips, neck and "muscles" of the face. Good conversationalist, promoter, concierge.
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Unitree a1
Robot equipped with big scope of bionic moves. It can move like real dog.
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The robot can serve the guests of his mini-café by drinks. In addition, if it gets free time it can dance, attracting more customers. Thus attracting even more visitors. The robot can work for 24 hours, excluding the time for device maintenance.
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The robot can serve the guests of his mini-café by drinks. In addition, if it gets free time it can dance, attracting more customers. Thus attracting even more visitors. The robot can work for 24 hours, excluding the time for device maintenance.
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The robot can used as an informant, consultant, guide at promotions and other events. He instantly assimilates knowledge, provides useful information and takes care of the client. The robot makes a huge impression thanks to its kindness and sense of humor. The robot will take you on a tour and invite you for coffee.
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Not only consultant but also a very nice companion. Due to big touch screen and emotions, it can effectively present itself. Snow will inform you about the production and answer your questions. He will tell you all, as well as answer any questions. It is a good assistant on the events, restaurants, and exhibitions.
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Has bionic limbs that helps it to move, shin, climb, and dance in the music. He can take pictures and shoot video.
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Socibot Mini
Using SociBot-Mini robot will allow to “humanize" the various teleconferences, virtual persons' avatars which are applied to serve customers in the stores, passengers in airports, customers, banks and other places.
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Teatre of robots
Robo theater consists of several robots that can dance and perform tricks to the fiery music and flashing lights.
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Aibo ERS-1000
The dog has artificial intelligence, barks, walks, sits down and runs the command. It has very expressive eyes. The dog is very cute, able to attract and retain attention. He can learn and develop.
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